Kiré (0behindblueyez0) wrote,

making a post for all my election rants so i don't clutter my facebook with it and annoy everyone..

21 didnt pass?!? 21?! commmon bitches 18$ fucking dollars for STATE PARKS! why does no one seem to care about parks anymore? oh everyone going green cuz its so fuckin hip , but no one wants to keep our parks alive? it's gross, we have some pretty fuckin great parks too. ugggh at least 23 didn't pass, but i guess it has the word green in it so its more hip. it just doesn't make sense to me how that happens. you know why- because NOT EVERYONE understands what they are voting on!!

on republican control of the house.

me-- It just sucks to see the house go back to the republicans. You all wanted change 2 years ago, and when it didn't happen overnight, you just got pissed, instead of trying to help. Now its going to be nearly IMPOSSIBLE to get ANYTHING done. but i guess thats what the republicans want right? to not have any progress. sounds great. I guess no one really wanted change after all.

katie -----have been a bit disappointed but now maybe things will change?? Now Democrats know you can't just sit back and relax because there is democratic prez in office.

me------i dont think that that was what was happing though personally. i think now nothing is going to get done. the reason things weren't happening the way people wanted them to (i think) was because thats what the senate always does to any legislation, its just there to stop things form happening, and especially when you have almost exactly half of the people trying to top you, simply to stop you most of the time. everything is gonna take a while. and now (i think) its just going to get harder. Maybe it will make the dems work a little harder, and start kicking ass and taking names and bragging and stuff, but mostly (i think) it will just make the dems blame the republicans even more,for everything, and we will fall further into this D.C narrative of a divided and crumbling america. and i think that fundamentally that isn't even true of america. but like i said thats just what i think, and i don't know that much. i just am kinda glad the election is over at this point ya know?

on prop 19

I personally am not surprised it didn't pass. I know up in Humbot county they had a HUGE anit-prop 19 camping going on from all the growers up there. also all the medical marijuana clinic people were also campaigning for no on prop 19 for the same reasons.( Plus you got all the uptight people who think Pot is going to kill all the babies. ) maybe in 2012, but i don't know. unfortunately people are selfish. They don't want to see their country or state or society grow. They just want to see their own wallet grow. Its not about what's thd best idea it about what gets them ahead. Total bullshit. I think the "shitty mass-produced, government-endorsed, taxed, regulated, and covered in health warning labels pot" will be just as bad as the "shitty mass-produced, government-endorsed, taxed, regulated, and covered in health warning labeled" alcohol, and i find that quite delightful, and also allot more damaging to my body, and plus with the money the state could make form it it is a crime that we not take advantage of it. Just like most people who deal weed, we really need the fuckin money man. its not liek they can really ruin weed, they can make it way more expensive, but im fine with that if it makes California the richest state in the country so we can stop being so pathetic. lol.

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