Kiré (0behindblueyez0) wrote,

what is it

what is it with guys?

why can they try to get me mentally attracted to them
why dont they get that you have to turn on my mind before you can turn on my sex drive.

i just fell so frustrated.
im thinking, wow finally some guys that like me.

but damn.

maybe i hang out with gay guys too much.
but i honestlly dont think its too much to ask that i find a guy who intelectually and artisticlly exites me the same whay my friends do.

plus i think i've crushes on straight me who were more what i was looking for than these guys.
not that they are stupid or anything...just ...

why cant the ones i want be the ones that liek me back.
i dont even want to give this new guy a try.
i suppose i should, but

god can't you just keep your hands to your damn self?

what a waste of time.

movie was good though.
we saw up in the air.
check it out

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