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Club 33/ Disneyland/ Cali Adventure
Ok so woke up mega early took a shower packed my Mom In Training bag as Sarah called it, and my purse. Went to Sarah’s house and hung there for a little bit. Met Dan there. He is awesome.

then drove up to the hotel.
Had a wonderful snaking experience with Sarah on the way, halfway took part in the second gear tradition. Bought sun block that cost 3 million dollars. But I am not a tomato friend! So it was worth it.

Got to the hotel, saw all the Asians there for the anime convention. Walked to the park. Picked up our complementary park hopper tickets and headed for cali adventure.

We realized thu the day they are required to tell you happy b-day if u have a sticker.
We went on soaring over California, it was soo cool. The images were absolutely beautiful. Sarah and I had out first encounter with product placemat that day. I screamed caz I thought the golf ball was gonna hit me. Yes I actually let out a yelp, yes I am the ultimate dork. then went on some more rides, almost died when I went on the loop. Meet some awesome tennis Aussies, of one that Tyler got a number for! Hehehe. Anyway went on a few more rides, then off to Disneyland!
Rides up the bum! It was soo cool BTW the max time we waited for any ride was 45 min. awesome rright, usually it was 15- 30 min. We went on all the good rides! The only one was sad about not getting on was buzz lightyear one and the roger rabbit one, but not too big of a letdown.

ok anyway during the haunted mansion was hysterical these little kids were near us in the elevator and when the lights went out one started screaming and the other one, who was trying to be all tought said “SHUT UP AND GRAB MY HAND!!!” hahah then they were in front of us the whole ride, and when the hologram ghost me and Sarah started freaking out at them, so they would see us freaking and they flipped soo much they were screaming “get off get out ahhhh”! And then the kid literally JUMPED out of the ride when the end came. Soo funny!

Realized that there is a midget town in thunder moutin.
Actually get sacred by the scary eyes during matterhorn. Plus with my skirt that ride was interesting! Actually the skirt was a little difficult all day.
“U better re-apply”
“I’ll Photoshop him out!” hahahahahaha
clam chowder bread bowl, free refills.
The most expensive Mcdonlads ever! It was ridiculous!

And they had picture mosaics all ove, I’m so sad I didn’t let them take my picture that one time. Oh well. They are beautiful! Soo cool! They are all over the park now.

Ok then CLUB 33!!!!!!
We got there and it was amazing to watch the door has stood in front of so many times, just open before my eyes. We walked in and it was beautiful! They had a lift that DEFINTLY looked like the frank N futer lift. I took a picture.
We went up after waiting a while cuz they had to re-set our table for 5. we meet these funny women! They were like regulars, yeah! Wow!
And we were seated, and we went to the bathrooms! OH MY GOD! When you put the lid down its like a literal throne, we took some picture. Next time I go I will have a picture of the toilet itself hahah!!
The boys snuck more or less in the girls bathroom. Actually we were trying to sneak them in but they decided they weren’t going to wait for it to be empty and just walked in to look at the bathroom. Sooo fuuny! The women, who we had known from downstairs were laughing too! It was soo funny! They were really nice. At the end me and Sarah actually snuck into the boys room too and saw they had a pull handle flusher that came from the celing cool as crap!

Any way Sara and I decided we need to get stuff we had never had before so I order a tomato bisk (which was not tomato-y enough for me) and duck and she got a salad and veal, we were worried that we wouldn’t be able to eat it cuz they are so cute. But after we tasted it , we knew no amount of cute could make us not eat this, it was sosossssooooo delicious. I love talking about food! And yes we totally tried each others stuff. Sooo good! The fantsmick show and firework show were going on outside so we totally heard it all. However couldn’t really see it. Oh well next time.
Then we got dessert, I got a chocolate bomb, and she got créme Brulé yummy 2 much chocolate for me. Ara flipped about being Amalié and told our cute bus boy david how exited she was. Then Tyler got a free b-day Sunday! It was sssooo good it tasted like the whipped crème and ice crème was fresh made there. (there butter was and MAN it was GOOD!) anyway
Tyler was eating his ice crème like a weirdo and he laughed and ice crème, or snot, we are not sure which, came out his nose. And Me and Sarah laughed soooo0 hard it was sooo funny! We had to run to the bathroom, for like the millionth time. Soo funny!
We got tea, took pictures with the maids and david the cutie and then sadly left. Not before however stealing some napkins from the bathroom with 33 on them as well as the chocolates with 33 on them. And getting Jessie /Denise’s (the hostess who we chatted with for a while) number for Tyler! Whoot! 2 in one day!
Then we went home, talked about soo much with Sarah, I have a feeling we are going to get way close this summer, I really enjoy spending time with her, plus she knows how to talk bout stuff. We can disagree and still keep talking, that’s soo important. Anyway slept wonderfully! Then woke up to go to a highly successful interview at the Habit. Now I update my live journal.

It was soo much fun, everything was soo chill, no arguing about rides or where to go or what to eat just chillaxing the whole time. Its defiantly in my top 5 best times had at Disneyland and top 10 best times had ever! I am soo glad I am Tyler’s friend and Sarah’s friend.and JD and Dan were so cool ! I hope I get more chances to hang with them.

Now I will focus on making enough money so I can take my mom there and pay for her before Anabelle leaves for indi.

Ok well I’m off call me because, I am not calling people I keep calling anymore. Like the ones I have called a million times or messaged and they decide to just blow mw off. Well whatever, if u don’t want to hang out fine. If you do, YOU can call me, because I am not getting blown off like that anymore. But I still want to hang out so its up to you. If I don’t call for a while it’s because you blew me off and obviously don’t want to hang with me any way.

“Hello, and welcome to Walt Disney’s exclusive dining club”,

pictures to come

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